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Text by Frank Verwijs:

Liskamm is a high ridge, steep on each side, and heavily glaciated. The traverse from the west to the east, is one of the finest routes in the area. The second part is however somewhat less easy (a hell of a lot more difficult than other easy peaks in the Alps such as Dom, MontBlanc, Castor etc.) You can start at the Quintino Sella Cabin at more than 3500m. If you don't have much experience on combined tours (ice and easy to moderate rocks), it is much recommended to hire a guide ( If you want to save some money don't pick a guide from Zermatt, they are even more expensive then elsewhere in the Alps.) Try for instance an Italian guide or one from the Saas-valley ( Bergsteigerschule Weissmies 3910 Saas Grund, also on the Internet).See also: Liskamm West

Elevation (feet): 14,852
Elevation (meters): 4,527
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Latitude: 45.9225
Longitude: 7.835556
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Year first climbed: 1861
First successful climber(s): six Swiss guides and seven tourists from England
Convenient Center: Zermatt, Gresonney

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #21777 - by Christine Theodorovics on Sep 28, 2009
    Long climb of an uneasy crest. Only to be done in best conditions.
  • Log #11961 - by Bernd Nebendahl on Oct 09, 2003
    East ridge starting at Cap. Gnifetti. Ridge is quite exposed. No track after new snow.
  • Log #11951 - by vibeke svennum on Aug 13, 2003
    Summitted via the ridge starting out from the Balmenhorn with Andrea Viaretti, Italy. Beautiful morning for a classic climb. Fantastic views of the Alps and the strange view of Cervino/Matterhorn...
  • Log #11952 - by André Imboden on July 28, 2003
    Your mountainguide for all summits around the world. Special training and preparation for the Matterhorn.
  • Log #11953 - by Steve Dewey on Apr 27, 2003
    Climbed East Peak by NE Face (750 mtrs) Started from Margarita Hut (highest hut in Europe and well worth a visit - there was no guardian present but a gas stove and heater and a bunk room with...
  • Log #11954 - by Luc De Vriese on Aug 12, 2002
    See description on the Lyskamm West. The entire traverse west-east is one of the finest one can do in the Alps. We were two "cordées"of two, my mountain guide Franck Grand and me and Francks wife...
  • Log #11955 - by Mike Rooke on July 29, 2002
    Traversing from West to East in perfect conditions was exciting but I had to concentrate on every step. Huge drops either side of a very very narrow ridge and the sun warms the left side so you have...
  • Log #11956 - by Janos Granicz on Feb 28, 2002
    Karoly Barta - Janos Granicz Our route: Travers of the entire summit ridge (from east to west); Near the Mantova Hut (our tent) - East Ridge - East Summit - West Summit - South-West Ridge -...
  • Log #11957 - by Martin Obst on July 09, 2001
    East ridge, solo ascent.
  • Log #11958 - by Carli Marco on Feb 13, 2001
    Una montagna affascinante che... Ë tutta una cresta !!!
  • Log #11959 - by Tobias Göring on Feb 12, 2001
    A wonderful day! We reached west peak first and 90 minutes later east peek. the conditions were great. someday I'd like to do the noth face.......I was fascinated by it!!
  • Log #11960 - by Laurenz Boer on Dec 24, 1999 Rooy and me climbed via the NE-face. The conditions were relatively good. Although the wind was blowing our heads off.