Liskamm Trip Report (#11955)

  • Signed By: Mike Rooke
  • Date submitted: July 29, 2002

Traversing from West to East in perfect conditions was exciting but I had to concentrate on every step. Huge drops either side of a very very narrow ridge and the sun warms the left side so you have to test that step every time before committing yourself. To the right is a dangerous cornice so there is no room for error. A few little rocky descents on the ridge but easy enough. Very steep descent down a narrow ridge. A great mountain. I think west to east is the best traverse but I saw groups going the other way the next day.

The complete traverse from Refuge Sella to Refuge Mantova took 7 and a half hours. It was only possible because the weather was perfect. Do not attempt it in poor visibilty or windy conditions.

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