Mount Belford

Mount Belford Trip Report (#12097)

Went up a non-standard route (from the E from Pine Creek Trailhead). Hiked in 4.7 miles to Colorado Trail junction and set up backcountry camp on 22nd. (Climbed Mt. Harvard on 23rd). Followed the Colorado trail N up the switchbacks to 11,600ft where the ridge tops out. Jumped trail and headed west following a relatively gentle ridge which rises up to a couple of 12k and then 13k peaks (traversed Waverly Mountain's south face); finally leading to Mt. Oxford. We summited Oxford and hiked across the Oxford-Belford saddle further west to Mt. Belford's summit. It's a neat red peak like Redcloud. An uncommon dry week in the mountains afforded us a full day of worry-free flat clouds and sun allowing us long peak stays. Exited the peak to the SW by hiking down to Elkhead Pass and then into Missouri Basin to the south. The hike across the upper Missouri Basin (on good trail) is easy and one of the most beautiful...but quite a long walk back to camp.

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