Mount Belford

Mount Belford Trip Report (#12101)

First Mountain I've Climbed without one of the Best friends a Man could ever have, missed having you there Andy! Climbed Mt. Belford with a group of 8 from Memphis, TN. Hiked up on the Missouri Gulch trail on Monday. Please Note: There is not a good place to camp off of this trail. Just past the old Miner's cabin, we crossed the stream and camped in the trees. Not a flat spot anywhere but we managed. Got up the next morning to summit Mt. Belford. Saw about 10 tents at treeline in a flat meadow but there were no trees just Elk brush. Good trail with lots of Switchbacks to the top. The whole group made the summit. Great view of Mt. Oxford, Mt. Iowa, Mt. Harvard and Mt. Missouri. Three of us went on to summit Mt. Oxford. James 1:5)

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