Mount Belford

Mount Belford Trip Report (#12109)

  • Signed By: Tim Escher
  • Date submitted: August 20, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 8/15/2000

First fourteener for me. Awesome! Took the standard head-on route to the top, starting at 6:30 AM from the parking lot, and reaching the last false peak (at about 14K) at 10 AM. Waited for compadres to catch up and we scaled the last 200 feet at about 11:30. Weather was beautiful, but we could see some vertical development in the clouds. Took the Elkhorn pass route down, and within an 45 minutes the lightning started. Man does it come up fast! Made a beeline for the treeline, watching the lightning strikes in the valley and hearing them up on the summit behind us. Made it to the bottom in under two hours. Incredible experience. Ready for the next one!

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