Helvellyn Trip Report (#12221)

  • Signed By: Jonny
  • Date submitted: October 08, 2005
  • Date(s) climbed: 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Number of People Encountered:

It is a really cool hill. An easy walk for all the family. Striding edge is really fun! We set off from Glenridding and went up via the tarn that I have named 'mankey tarn' (as it is mankey and it rhymes with its real name). We had a good walk along to Striding edge where we always stop for our break and eat the 'sacred' chocolate orange bar. We went across Striding edge along the top. Great views all around. On the second attempt in 2003 a jet came by and made me jump because it was so loud. That frightened me as I nearly fell! The last 'hump' in the ridge I found difficult the first time (as I was only 11). The last scramble to the summit is probably the most enjoyable part of the whole walk. I burnt up that part and soon reached the summit. I sat at the shelter and had my feast - a sandwich. I called home to tell the story and then soon set off. In 2003, it was very sunny, and I sun bathed on the summit for an hour - I also got told off by a random woman for throwing pebbles, she thought there were sheep near by, where infact there were none to be seen. She was stupid! We proceeded down Swirral Edge, which was fun. Here I played golf using my hiking pole and some sheep poo. Unfortunatly the point of my stick fell off and I had to carefully go down the bank (towards the lake) to retrieve my point. That was funny. I continued down the path. This hurt my toes as I was wearing some small trainers - I learnt from it! My dad had to stop to put his feet in the river to cool them down - what a woose! We eventually made it back to Glenridding. What a great day we had had!

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