Helvellyn Trip Report (#12227)

  • Signed By: Robert
  • Date submitted: November 08, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 05 November 2003

Parked at Swirls 9am. Summit around 11.15. Down to Wythburn and a walk back through the woods to Swirls for 2pm. Sounds easy? And it was except that visibility dropped severely about 2/3 of the way up (down to maybe 10 yds on top) meaning I saw nothing on top. I know I summited as I sat at the cross shelter but didn't see the cairn. I didn't want to venture too near to anything I presumed was an edge as it was very windy and I had a foolhardy dog in tow. The very next day the sun was shining brightly and I am sure the view from the top would have been great but the walk up a lot sweatier! Although other entries in this log indicate that the Striding/Swirral combo is THE route to go I can recommend the Swirls route for those wanting to take it a bit easier.

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