Helvellyn Trip Report (#12245)

  • Signed By: Kieron Horton
  • Date submitted: June 09, 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

I was with the 1st Norbreck Scout Group on a weekend stay at the nearby Glenridding YHA hostel we had climbed Blen Catherine the previous day and I had proved myself to my Scout Leader that was a competent climber so he let me go on the hike while the rest of the young ones went for an easy walk. I was the youngest one on the walk about 12 we were climbing Swirral Edge in winter and it was completely iced up at one point I slipped and was hanging on to the cliff edge and had to be pulled up by the others. That was my first real climb and my first bad accident. I could have been seriously hurt but I walked the rest of the walk a bit shaken. It was very icy on top and I could have done with some Grampons at least. I look back now and laugh at my folly but a few months later an army guy was killed on Helvellyn. My advice, if you are quite young and not very experienced dont go, it has its name for a reason.I am now 13 and an avid climber I go on lots of Climbs with Scouts and am going on a 3 day expedition in the lake district with 3 other boys for 3 days. Anyone climbing Helvellyn I wish you good luck and be careful.

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