Helvellyn Trip Report (#12253)

  • Signed By: Jason Cook
  • Date submitted: February 11, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 10th Feb 2002

Well nothing could have prepared me for this. When we finally got over the ridge and caught sight of Striding Edge, wow! It was covered in snow, what a sight.

My friend decided that we should still try it so we made our way across, it was very slippy and the snow made it difficult to gauge the location of solid footings. Finally over, what a relief. Now the climb up to the peak.

Luckily for us we let three guys pass us at this point, they were geared up with ice picks so they made there way up through the ice and approximately 18 inches of snow.

We waited a few minutes and then followed using their footing as ours. After 10 minutes we poked our head over the top and the wind was so strong that it nearly blew us back off...

Finally made it to the shelter at the top, had some coffee and a biscuit and then made our way down swirral edge. This was easier but still tricky because of the snow and ice.

What an experience...far better than I imagined.

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