Helvellyn Trip Report (#12258)

  • Signed By: Francis Laleman
  • Date submitted: July 24, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

I have climbed Helvellyn maybe 15 times, now, from possibly all ascending routes, with and without dear old Wainwright in my pocket - and I am still crazy about this fell! Lately, the "disease" has seriously cut down the ways to reach the summit. The one left open (from Patterdale) is surely far away from the best route. In fact, it is a rather dull climb up to Red Tarn. But anyway - I did it again, this time in the company of my girlfriend. The weather was strenious, with heavy rains on Striding Edge - and I must say that (even with the smell of disinfecting acid running up my nose), Helvellyn is still my favourite !

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