Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1500)

As a child on vacation with my parents many years ago, I remember being in awe at the site of Devil's Tower. While planning my South Dakota/Wyoming vacation this summer, I decided to return to the tower once again. Since I had never done any rock climbing in my life, the thought of climbing to the summit of the tower never occurred to me. A few web searches looking for information on the tower turned up some guide services. Out of curiousity, I started reading testimonials from people who had used guides to reach the summit; even some people like myself who had never climbed before. While climbing Devils Tower seemed a little crazy, it also seemed like an exciting challenge and a chance for some real adventure, so I booked a couple of nights at Devils Tower Lodge and Guide Service, run by Frank Sanders. After a rain shortened "training day" with my guide Curt from the lodge, I was not at all certain I would be able to meet the physical and mental challenges a summit climb figured to require, but I was highly motivated to give it my best shot. Summit morning arrived with clear, crisp, perfect weather for climbing. Curt and I started the climb at 7:30, with Curt of course leading all the pitches. While I must admit to having had some nervous moments on the tower, and certainly plenty of little cuts and scrapes along the way, I was able to achieve my first summit, sign the log on top, snap some pics, and we were back down at noon.

I dont think I can find the words to do justice to the elation I felt, and the sense of accomplishment. I like to thank Curt for the outstanding guiding abilities he displayed, Frank Sanders for his hospitality and the spirited little climbing community he's created at his lodge, and all the other folks at the lodge for their support and encouragement. It was truly an experience I will always remember.

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