Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1508)

at the end of july i was lucky enough to be able to return to the Tower with several friends in tow, 2 from school and another 2 from the local gym. after a few days of playing around, bouldering, leading a few single pitches on the north end and tr-ing some harder climbs, and a failed attempt at leading the horning variation of bon homme (we didnt have large enough gear to get to the traverse so we were forced to bail, an interesting affair that led to me downclimbing much further than i'd wanted to to a bomber cam that i was able to place where the crack pinched), we summitted the Tower in two seperate parties on two different days with the same man, Frank P. Sanders. We climbed the time-honored classic, not to mention easy, Durrance route. Frank was in his element, leading all the pitches easily and using a 3 friend and a few quickdraws for a rack on 400+ feet of climbing. As usual, he was all smiles and encouragemnt, coaxing my friends up the stemming double Durrance crack, breaking out the food at picnic ledge and giving his trademark tour of the Top, complete with george hopkins trash, low impact camper that he was. Everything went very smooth on the 3 raps back to the level ground, another day climbing in a wonderful place with wonderful people. Although Durrance is not a terribly technical climb, it is tons of fun and a wonderful introduction to the Tower. Many, many thanks to Frank for letting us crash in his gym and camp in the field, as well as for his wonderful guiding.

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