Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1517)

  • Signed By: Jay Harrison
  • Date submitted: March 06, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 1983; 85; and 86 or 87

First stopped there with my wife in '83; spent most of a week driving around with a sign on our car "Climbing Partner Wanted". Finally got hooked up with a guy and two gals from Gilette. The whole parade took awhile to get up and down; as half of us were new to climbing, and we met a woman on top who needed a rap down. (Durrance Route, of course) Next time out with a climbing partner, we completed the 18 hour trip from Devil's Lake Wisconsin and pulled in at sunrise. Tired as we were, my partner said "We HAVE to climb this!" So away we went. The temps climbed to 103 degrees as we headed up the first pitch of Durrance; at one point I almost fainted from heat exhaustion; sticking my head into a crack to get relief from the unrelenting sun. We spent several days there, climbing most of the easier routes and wrestling prairie falcons before continuing westward for the Bighorns. Third trip there with yet another climbing partner; pretty standard fare for me by then, no epics (darn!). We didn't spend a lot of time at the Tower because the other folks in our group were non-climbers and lets face it, there ain't a whole lot else to do there! Prairie dogs just can't keep the flatlanders occupied for more than a day or two...

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