Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1539)

Keith and I finally made our climb after several years of planning and dreaming. We had a fantastic day on the Durrance with Frank Sanders. We were the *only* people on the route that beautiful sunny day.

I've lived and or worked in Sundance WY, Belle Fourche SD and Spearfish SD. (if you look at the map that's all within an hour of the tower) I spent quite a bit of time researching who I wanted to lead my friend and I up the tower and was amazed how universally loved and respeced I found Frank to be from the perspective of the "locals". Frank recommends a "play day" before the climb. I highly recommend the chance to work with Frank on technique. It also builds confidence before the climb. Frank plays piano at one of the local italian restaurants on the weekend, so you know he uses good technique to keep those fingers in shape.

If you're planning to climb the tower for the first time and are an occasional climber I'd definately recommend getting a guide. Your climb will be safer and more enjoyable. With the right teaching you'll learn that this climb is more about technique than brute strength or athletic endurance. I'm an out of shape office worker who was also a bit under the weather with some virus during the climb. I still loved it. I wasn't terribly sore the next day. I can hardly wait to do it again.

--Climb On!

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