Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1550)

  • Signed By: Mary Anna
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

>My first ascent, with my love and partner, Frank. Our foreplay up >the Durrance route was fabulous, but our peaks were reached on top >of the tower.As we soaked in the sunshine and gazed down below,we >saw a lovely home directly west of the tower. Little did we know at >that time, that Fate would lead us there to make our Home, and start >Devils Tower Lodge, Bed & Breakfast and Wilderness Climbing Retreat >!! That was the beginning of many continuing happy ascents, and >still shines the brightest, even among climbs such as "Mr. Clean" >BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO CHASE THEIR DREAMS !! >Mary Anna > >Devil's Tower, wy Crook >Date(s) summited: September 1998 >Date signed: December 17, 2000

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