Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1604)

  • Signed By: Dave Snee
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

Q: Where were you on 9-11? A: I was climbing Devil's Tower!

I was relocating from VA to CA when a buddy told me he'd ride with me if we could climb something cool. We were both climbing virgins but thought we were in pretty good shape and made plans to stay at Frank's B&B on the 10th and summit the 11th. I will never forget the look on Frank's face when he asked us how long we'd been climbing and we said, "tomorrow will be our first climb!" He got a real charge at our confidence (or stupidity) and said, "Right On!"

That climb was one of the most unforgetable trials I have ever done. After reaching the top, I had a real sense of peace and freedom. That lasted 45 minutes because it was on our way down when we heard from a another group climbing of the terrible events that occurred. I rushed to the nearest phone near the DT-base to call home (DC) and get the gouge. At that point, we still hadn't seen the TV footage. Later that evening when we all should have been telling climbing stories in Frank's livingroom, we were glued to the TV instead.

Peace & Freedom! It's all around us but especially at the top of Devil's Tower! Thanks for the help and memories to Frank and his talented guides!

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