Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1605)

Ok, So I'm late with this entry. Better late than never right? This all started in September when my fiance, the lovely Ms. Kristin France, takes a job offer out here in the Midwest. In short, we move to Minnesota. Being an East coast climber for about 15 years I don't take to well to this fair state especially the climbing scene so at the first chance I head to the tower. See entry by Stephen Regenold 11-18-01. After summiting that day with Steve it is my turn to lead and I set my sights on Bon Homme. Straight away after Frank Sanders type from the night before, " most people get to the traverse at thirty feet and try to climb diagonally right above this great horizontal. I just stay beneath it, plug a piece over my head and go for it." Sound advice, I think so I use it. Imagine that, it worked. In fact, it put me right into the next crack system on my way to the top. Things were going along fine until for some reason at about 30 feet I decide I would be better off laying back the crack that was welcoming my jams the whole way. That said, I flail. Before I could bark out a barely inaudible "take!" I found myself inverted on the wall dangling from my last piece thirty feet above. After righting myself and shaking it off and with the help of more than one Hippo hurricane hollers, I get back on it, only this time remembering the infamous words of dear Mr. Sanders himself, " No need to do pull ups. Do hand and wrist jams instead!" And so I did, and so well it went for the entire remainder of not only that pitch but the rest of the trip as well. In fact, the following day Frank joined Stephen and myself to somehow complete three meadows ascents. Tired, yet longing for more, we climbed; Walt Bailey Memorial, Soler, and El Cracko. Memorable as the climbing itself, I will not soon forget this magical place and the kindness and knowledge that Frank so generously shared with us!

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