Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1614)

  • Signed By: Marcel LaPerriere
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

30 years ago most people I knew thought any climber was a bit of a lunatic. I knew I fit into that category, and perhaps that was why I wanted to climb the Devil's Tower. While on a climbing trip to the Tetons my climbing partners and I decided to drive across the great state of Wyoming to see if we could tackle the Tower after our successful climbing up the Grand. Alas, destiny played a cruel trick on us when we knocked a hole into the cars oil pan forcing us to put our tails between our legs and run for home. Over the 30 years that separated my first attempt to get to the Tower, I had been lucky enough to do some great climbing, and enjoy many other exciting adventure. My wife and I were even lucky enough to attempt a climb on the Devil's Thumb, which is not too far from our Alaskan home town of Ketchikan. Not to mention we have been able to visit many remote places with our sailboat that we live on. But, I sill had this insatiable desire to climb the Devil's Tower. Heck, I had even tried once to drive to the Tower in 1995, only to be thwarted by a late spring snow storm that closed all the highways. As the saying goes, "the third time's a charm." And, for me this was true, because on the 15th of October after a couple thousand mile drive from Alaska I finally made it to Devil's Tower National Monument. But, my good luck really started a few days prior to my road trip departure when I found Frank Sanders on the internet. A few quick back and forth e-mails with Frank and arraignments were made. Well, to make a long story short, Frank not only guided me to the top of the Tower, but showed me one heck of a good time. The climb was truly worth waiting 30 years for. But, even better was experiencing the fun, and excitement with a great guy like Frank. (I might add if you are ever intrested in meeting a "true character" Frank is it!) If any of you prospective Devil's Tower climbers are looking for a good guide, and a great place to stay, I highly recommend Frank and his lodge! Thanks Frank for getting an old has been climber like me to the top of the Devil's Tower. A 30 year dream comes true!

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