Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1631)

  • Signed By: Andi
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

What an adventure. It is difficult to put into words how amazing the climb was for me. I have never rock climbed before and was nervous about trying to climb to the top. Frank Sanders is an amazing guide and has an awesome team. We, 7 co-workers and myself, drove to Devils Tower and had a "play day" on Monday. We learned the basics and really had a lot of fun together. We learned how to trust Frank, Jonathan,Mike and Yaap, as well as ourselves. It was day filled with excitement. Two of us made the climb to the top the next day. It was very challenging but so fun. I was never concerned for my safety, I trusted Frank and Yaap completely. They check and double check everything. I was concerned, however, about my abilities. My nerves got the best of me a few times, but I quickly overcame them thanks to Frank and Yaap's encouragement. I could never had made it without their ongoing support, love, and jokes. They are truly two of the most wonderful, caring, inspiring, and genuine people I have met. I wish for every person reading this to make this climb. It is a spiritual, and emotional journey that everyone should experience.

Thank you Frank Sanders and your Devil's Tower Team!!

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