Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1672)

  • Signed By: Eric Sawyer
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

Fellow Climbers,

It has taken me way too long to get on this summit log. Yes, it's a summit log, but the REAL one is up there!! Led by "Johnnie Rock" and Gene Jose, my friends Bob Chandler and Garry Needham returned to our Wyoming roots to summit the Tower. What a phenomenal experience. Not great--phenomenal! Greatest thing we've ever done. We did Durance. We did Cussin'. We did it all, BABY! Can't wait to return soon and climb again. You won't find safer, better guides. They know the terrain well and you can trust your lives in their hands. And friends are made with them for life. Frank, Mary, Gene, John, I thank you. Until we climb again.....if you're gonna run with the big dogs, you gotta get off the porch! I'm outta here!

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