Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1712)

Dear Rock Climbers,Bringing myself to this place has been an act of Fate. I Truly was drawn to Devils Tower. Something kept encouraging me to get as close as possible. Doing so has granted me a lot of opportunities ; meeting great people with inspiring Lives, who showed me things about myself; seeing myself doing things that I could never imagine me doing. Gene, you did a wonderful job yesterday, guiding us up on the rock. Not only did I feel Safe, knowing you were at the other end of the rope, but you were so patient and taught me so well; most of all encouraging me to do my Best. You ALL did, Frank, Chuck,Gene and Heather. You are ALL Wonderful people. Thank you for everything you have taught me. Thank you, especially Frank, for your hospitality. Some of the most Genuine and Generous people that I have ever met. I leave Devils Tower with a Greater Understanding of both climbing and this Wonderful Life !!!!

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