Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1758)

Just as many of you will no doubt aspire to, I came to Devils Tower to meet some friends and climb hard and maybe have a little fun in the process. I was just told to meet my friends at the Visitors Center and that arrangements would be made from there. As it turned out, they had already established a place to stay at the Devils Tower Lodge, an absolutely fantastic place within easy walking distance (1/2 mile or so) of the tower. Just thinking about the views of the tower throughout the day as the sun angles change and seemingly bring the tower alive in its own daily version of the sun dance, still takes my breath away. However, though the the place of Devils Tower Lodge is almost dream-like, it is the people there that truly make it a special place beyond words.

We arrived at Devils Tower Lodge and there I met Mr. Frank Sanders a man who would, in three days, evolve from a total stranger, to someone who I consider to be a good friend. He opened his heart as well as his home to us and his generosity was truly amazing. Whether it was beta on a climb, or just tips and tricks he has learned in his extensive climbing background, he was always there to help and encourage. With Frank you will always feel a positive energy whether struggling on 5.5 or aspiring to lead 5.14.

If you plan on coming to Devils tower, contact Frank, you will only understand after meeting and climbing with Frank what a truly special man he is. He will improve you climbing if you want it, make you laugh even if you don't, but most of all he will inspire you and enrich your life with his kindness and undeniable spirit. I sincerely hope that you may someday have an experience as wonderful as I had for three days with Frank at Devils Tower Lodge


Dean Lehmkuhler

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