Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#18939)

  • Signed By: Frank Sanders
  • Date submitted: February 14, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

November 22. Free-soloed Durrance Route with the Bailey Direct Finish. Temps were in the 50's with beautiful sunshine. Had the hill to myself. It was a Wonderful time to reflect and give THANKS for an incredible season throughout 2005. This Life is undeservingly BLESSED... November 23. Climbed Durrance again, this time with Piper S. and Jeff P. from Atlanta, GA. We were graced with temps in the 60's and sweet sunshine. The route's difficulties presented both Piper and Jeff with appropriate challenges !!! They both became incredibly absorbed in their new-found Love of crack techniques!!! They are both Marvelous Souls and I was most Blessed to share a beautiful day, as well as the rope and the rock and the Climb, with them !! I am Thankful for the day and the climb, though I pray that it will NOT be the last of this season. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS....Piper and Jeff surely did !!!

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