Strahlhorn Trip Report (#12339)

The Strahlhorn can be climbed best from the Britanniahütte. We left at 3.45 AM, together with our guide. What is rather disappointing, that you down first to reach the glacier. And this glacier is really, really long. It is not so steep, but very long. Halfway the glacier we had a small break to see the sunrise. Wonderful. You see colors, that you've never seen before. After about 3 hours climbing we reach the Adlerpass at 3789 meter. Then you turn to the left in a very steep patch up through the snow to about 3950 meter. Incredible view to the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. The summit ridge is very narrow and you must be very stable on your feet to stay upright. When you get scared, sit down on your knees and crawl across the ridge. Amazing view from the summit to the Monte Rosa area, and in the other direction to the Dom and Täschhorn. It is very surprising to look DOWN on the Allalinhorn, which is still over 4000 meters high. Be sure to start early, because the glacier is really long, and the snow and ice conditions go down rapidly during the afternoon. For some nice pictures, see my homepage.

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