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  • Log #22325 - by cleo weidlich on June 27, 2012
    Dhaulagiri (I) was one of my most difficult climbs. The first obstacle on the mountain is right in front of BC, known as the Little Eiger, Lots of rock fall and ice avalanches as you traverse this...
  • Log #1765 - by Fredrik Sträng on Nov 01, 2002
    It was a hard mountain. The winds, the snow and the avalanches where many. I choose to climb Dhaulagiri as my first 8000-m peak, I believe now that maybe I should have chosen another one if I have...
  • Log #1766 - by Fredrik Sträng on Nov 01, 2002
    Team "Altitude with attitude", a group of 6 members from Sweden are attempting to climb Dhaulagiri starting on the 3 of April 2003. Follow our struggle, dream and andeavour on www.whitemountain.nu...
  • Log #1767 - by Rainer Faulstich on Apr 29, 2002
    We (Swiss anniversary expedition 2000) did not succeed on this summit due to enormous amounts snow and bad weather. Rainer
  • Log #1768 - by Ang Karma Sherpa on July 10, 2000
    I direct Windhorse Trekking in Kathmandu, Nepal. I hope to provide the best mountaineering and expedition back up services for climbers in the Himalaya.
  • Log #1769 - by Sung-Jae Cha on Dec 08, 1999
    I'm a Korean climber who is interested with climbing Mt. Dhaulagiri. My team has a plane to climbing that in a few years. So I need information about Dhaulagiri.
  • Log #1770 - by Endika Urtaran on Mar 26, 1999
    We are preparing an Expedition for 3 persons to Dhaulagiri, but we haven't found enought information about the way. If any person knows something about climbing way and the dificulty please write me...
  • Log #1771 - by Christopher Haddad on Mar 24, 1999
    On the 6 of June, 1998, I was to become the youngest person to ever summit Dhaulagiri at the age of 16. The summit was magnificent, pearing out to Annapurna to the east, along with Tukucha. However,...