Henry Mountain

Henry Mountain Trip Report (#12419)

  • Signed By: Michael and John Anderson of Phoenix, AZ United States
  • Date submitted: November 04, 1999

A tough, trailless climb beginning on the Gunsight Pass trailhead north of Ohio City. The terrain west of the pass is very steep in some places, requiring a lot of balance and some firm handholds. This section blends into the west side of Fossil Ridge and offers a lot of hand and footholds but requires care as it is very steep. On top of this is a plateau covered with flowers and relatively flat. The peak lies to the northwest and is an easy walk until the summit pyramid, which is another 600 vertical feet. According to the impact assessment maps, this area is visited on average less than once a year so solitude is very likely. Also, mountain goats are sometimes visible on the rocks high on Fossil Ridge.

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