Mount Aragats

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NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #22410 - by Sven Bugarski on Sep 25, 2013
    Maps and detailed information on the tour was hardly available, so we organized a guided tour in Yerevan, including transport to and from the mountain, camping equipment, guiding to the summit and...
  • Log #22253 - by Sebastiaan Lagendaal on Oct 24, 2011
    Climbed this peak from the east side and crossed the caldera. We slept on the westface and left the mountain to the north. Nice non-technical climb, lots of hail, windy but nothing serious. We met...
  • Log #12420 - by the beduine w. gratzel on July 30, 2002
    We drove with our caravan up to the metrological station (3000m) were we found a nice place at the lake. A beautiful campsite, especially when you have had 40°C in Erewan. Ther is a small kiosk...
  • Log #12421 - by Pate on June 29, 2002
    Lifetime experience. Especially when we had a chance to stay at our friend's parents' place in village Aragats. We climbed up for 7 hours equipped with panir (goat chesse), lavash (x-thin round...
  • Log #12422 - by Edgar Danielyan on Nov 08, 1999
    Highest mountain in Armenia, but not the most difficult... Worth climbing - magnificent views of the Valley and other nearby peaks.