Haystack Trip Report (#12459)

What a winter trip! My father and I had done Marcy in January about four years ago but decided it was time to give Haystack a try. The Adirondacks are quite a different story in February... We camped at Slant Rock having come up from Keene. By noon on the 30th we were on top. It took us a while because the trail was not broken and neither of us are very experienced in winter travel. The summit was amazing! Great views of Marcy's backside, Lake Placid and the range. Cold temps and a stiff wind. I think my favorite part is the view of the summit from the false peak... Haystack has a more classic pyramid peak than the other Adirondack high peaks. Following the summit, we returned to Slant Rock, broke camp and hiked out. The last hour was after the sun had set but somebody forgot to turn off the moon! Highly recommended.

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