Haystack Trip Report (#12461)

  • Signed By: john walker
  • Date submitted: February 19, 2001

Dawn Glanc and I topped out on this fabulous rock. A bit late in the year but we bagged it and in fine style too. After driving over from Spearfish, South Dakota we noticed that there was a lot of snow on the peaks. Not to be discouraged by the sight of a little snow or nightfall we did a load and go from the Big Sandy trailhead. two hours took us the five miles up the soggy trail to the lake, after a cool night under my megamid we woke to blue sky, warm temps and a lot of snow. Dawn and I ate to a symphony of color, we had returned to the wind rivers! There was water everywhere but the route was dry. We broke camp at 12:00, this has something to do with the crack of noon club that Dawn and I are in. A one hour approach took us to the base of the route, 6.5 hours of climbing and we arrived on top just in time to watch the sun set. A quick descent to the single-rope(200") rappel and we were back to tree line, warmer temps and no wind. Dawns zoom led us back to camp, Petzl rules. For dinner we had backpacker pantry, goo in a box, bleck. We decided not to push our luck into the Cirque of the Towers and headed out. Blessed are those who live out there dreams.

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