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    Mt Si Haystack Climb

    Climbing the Haystack to reach the summit of Mt Si, August 2009. Video is sped up to 4x speed to be slightly less boring. I brought my helmet because I didn't ...

    • By: SeanSullivan86
    • Published: Feb 14, 2010
    • Duration: 3:05
    • Views: 10,755
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    8-9-2018 Mt SI Haystack Rescue of Cliffed Out Climber

    Mt. Si North Bend, WA. Hoist rescue of a cliffed out climber. Video from hoist operator and rescue specialist perspectives.

    • By: King County Sheriff Air Support
    • Published: Aug 09, 2018
    • Duration: 2:33
    • Views: 5,376
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    Mount Haystack and Little Haystack - Adirondacks, New York

    Mount Haystack is remote, at five hours from the nearest trailhead. It is my favorite summit in the Adirondacks and I think the most beautiful. October 14, 2014.

    • By: erlebo
    • Published: Oct 16, 2014
    • Duration: 23:14
    • Views: 4,256
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    Apple Jacks Haystack Mountain

    Climb to the top of haystack mountain and look at the views over the park. http://www.applejacksfarm.co.uk/

    • By: Apple Jacks
    • Published: Aug 26, 2015
    • Duration: 0:31
    • Views: 1,955
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    Mt. Haystack, Adirondacks, NY

    Mt. Haystack Hike, Adirondacks, NY Sept. 12th, 2015.

    • By: David White
    • Published: Sep 19, 2015
    • Duration: 17:11
    • Views: 1,642
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    Intense Mt. Haystack winter climb 2016

    A very icy summit on Little Haystack, especially the back side. Getting to Haystack took some skills too!

    • By: David White
    • Published: Mar 20, 2016
    • Duration: 19:57
    • Views: 1,630
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    climbing the haystck at north bend area , after hiking the mt. Si for 4 miles, haystack is waiting for the more adventurous one .... sadly i wasnt able to do it ...

    • By: Vic Vict
    • Published: Sep 22, 2009
    • Duration: 0:59
    • Views: 1,447
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    GoPro - Mount Si Haystack Climb

    Finally got around to testing out my GoPro! Music: What You Know (Feed Me Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club Mount Si North Bend, Washington.

    • By: Leon Zhang
    • Published: June 19, 2015
    • Duration: 0:56
    • Views: 1,420
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    Sky Over Stone: Climbing Haystack's Minor Dihedral

    Chase and Jentron labor up Haystack's Minor Dihedral over labor day weekend. Sun, a spell of rain, perfect rock, and great climbing made for a wonderful day in ...

    • By: chase mcmillan
    • Published: Jan 08, 2010
    • Duration: 2:08
    • Views: 1,361
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    Nature Walk - Haystack Mountain, Norfolk, CT

    http://midnightsnackmusic.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-berklee Climb to the top of Haystack Mountain. Go up into the stone towner to enjoy the 360 degree ...

    • By: Kathleen Johnson
    • Published: Nov 05, 2012
    • Duration: 4:05
    • Views: 857