Mount Constance

Mount Constance Trip Report (#12511)

  • Signed By: Tom Marx
  • Date submitted: November 26, 2002

Even though it was July, the lake was still half covered with ice... We hit the lake at around 3 in the afternoon, ate, and settled in for some sleep. Up at 1 in the morning, we navigated up Avalanche Canyon, reaching the route 1A chute at about 4:30. Up very steep snow and ice, we hit the top of the chute just before dawn for a spectacular sunrise. Across the traverse, and on to the summit at around 8. After some great summit video, back down for the hike out.

The road up to the ranger station is currently washed out 4 miles prior to the Lake Constance Trail - adding and hour or two to the hike in. Check out my TR on my site at Also, experience the region by traversing Crystal Pass and hiking out the Dungeness for a truly epic trip. Along the way, make Constance, Inner Constance, Desperation and Warrior!

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