Mount Edith Cavell

Elevation (feet): 11,033
Elevation (meters): 3,363
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Range/Region: Canadian Rockies
Province: Alberta
Latitude: 52.667378
Longitude: -118.056507
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1915
First successful climber(s): A.J. Gilmour, E.W. Holway
Nearest major airport: Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta
Convenient Center: Jasper, Alberta

Mount Edith Cavell is a broad rocky mountain, located near and visible from Highway 93. It is a very popular mountain, its popularity attributable in part to its accessibility. The mountain's normal routes, all fairly easy rock scrambles, attract many climbers for single day outings. The mountain has three main summits, all similar in height and breadth, standing in single file from north to south.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20965 - by an anonymous user on Aug 21, 2007
    Made it only part way up. Beautiful views. Hope to get up next time.
  • Log #1818 - by Cory Wallace on Aug 11, 2004
    Left parking lot in the evening. Made it to the top to enjoy the sunset. Back out to parking lot by 2 am. Good Luck gettin the Loonie!
  • Log #1819 - by Brian Driscoll on July 12, 2004
    Our party of six had a great day under blue skies. A long descent down West ridge. Do not make the mistake (we didn't) of trying to descent from the ridge too early, as there are ugly cliff bands...
  • Log #1820 - by George Bell on Mar 26, 2004
    This peak is very photogenic, but surprisingly posters of this peak are now harder to find. After my recent ascent we combed Jasper for a good poster, and amazingly could only find photos of Robson,...
  • Log #1821 - by Luis Miguel Martinez on Aug 19, 2002
    Bonita cumbre, pero una arista muy descompuesta y bajada muy pesada. Llevar repelente para los mosquitos!
  • Log #1822 - by Dane Burns on May 20, 2001
    I finished lacing my boots in the parking lot at 4:10AM and actually rolled over the summit ridge just right of the summit cross a couple minutes short of noon. I remember talking to a couple that...
  • Log #1823 - by Michael Scott on Feb 10, 2001
    Start Early
  • Log #1824 - by brian paterik on Feb 04, 2001
    What a wonderful climb! This east ridge is every thing it is hyped up to be. Never very difficult but solid well rounded alpine skills are recommended as this is a big mt. The weather was in and out...
  • Log #1825 - by Matthew Kuehne on Aug 10, 2000
    This was sweet and not that tough!!! Make sure you bring lots of soup and cheese.
  • Log #1826 - by Scott McDougall on July 15, 2000
    Went up to climb East Ridge after a few days of unsettled weather. Left truck just past 4 am. Snowin' and blowin' at East Col. Climbed unroped in knee deep snow for about a thousand feet and then...
  • Log #1827 - by slobodan perovic on May 16, 2000
    Exceptionally good whether, especially for December period. Three members team (Ivan Stojakovic, Sanja Stojakovic, Slobodan Perovic). We climbed a bit unusual direction, namelly West ridge. We...
  • Log #1828 - by Alan Kane on Feb 21, 2000
    If snow free, any decent climber can probably solo the East ridge (weather permitting!) I did and I'm no hot shot. One pitch of 5.3 or so (exposed), but bomberquartzite holds.Take crampons and axe...
  • Log #1829 - by David Levy on Aug 14, 1999
    We climbed the East Ridge, a classic alpine route. We were stormed off on our first attempt, but the following day we had beautiful weather and made it to the summit in 6 hours. There was a lot of...
  • Log #1830 - by Ken Bayne on Mar 28, 1999
    E. ridge route. One of the finest alpine climbs I've experienced. Excellent rock, heart-stopping views of the N. Face. Highly recommended.
  • Log #1831 - by Seth Murphy on Feb 10, 1999
    Actually, I'm looking for more detailed beta than what I've been able to find I'll be in B.C this Aug. and I'm looking for some help on route selection and possibly the best and cheapest way to get...
  • Log #1832 - by Royal Robbins on Oct 22, 1998
    This was a good adventure as I hadn't done much mixed climbing and this was a second ascent and I did it solo. I remember wondering about my sanity as I approached the peak. I crossed the glacier...