One of the high peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif, Ludwigshoehe is usually climbed during an ascent of Signalkuppe.

Elevation (feet): 14,242
Elevation (meters): 4,341
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Mar, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1822
First successful climber(s): Ludwig van Welden
Convenient Center: Alagna

Thanks to Bernd Nebendahl for adding this peak.

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Trip Reports

There are 3 trip reports for Ludwigshoehe.

  • Log #12533 - by Andy Foggo on Aug 11, 20033.00 stars
    Part of a nice, easyish traverse from Vincent Pyramide to Zumsteinspitze and beyond. No objective dangers, other than the crevasses above the Gnifetti hut warranting great respect and early descent.
  • Log #12534 - by Mike Rooke on July 29, 20023.00 stars
    A straightforward 4000 metre peak we climbed on our way to the Refuge Margherita. Perfect weather and no technical difficulties to overcome. Picked up Balmenhorn (4194) and Schwarzhorn (4321)on the...
  • Log #21991 - by roger gaff on June 29, 20103.00 stars
    Another easily gained top after the descent from Parrotspitze. The sight of the Corno Nero/Schwarzhorn comes into view from here and focuses the attention.