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From the west, Fremont Peak appears as the highest peak in the Wind River Mountains (Gannett Peak is not visible from Pinedale, WY). During the 15 mile hike in, there are reoccurring views of Fremont Peak and the other high peaks of the north-central Wind River Mountains. In August, the Class 3 scramble route (southwest slope) is snow-free, with no significant exposure. Joe Kelsey's book, "Climbing and Hiking in the Wind River Mountains" is highly recommended for this and other climbs/backpack trips in the Wind River Mountains. Fremont Peak provides the non-technical "scrambler" the opportunity to ascend a high Rocky Mountain peak with superb views (Gannett Peak and Grand Teton in the distance).

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Rising to 13,745 feet on the Continental Divide, Fremont Peak is the third highest summit in Wyoming, falling just lower than Gannett Peak and The Grand Teton. Located approximately 17 miles from the nearest trailhead at Elkhart Park outside of Pinedale, Wyoming, Fremont Peak is a massive cornerstone of the Wind River Range that dominates the skyline for many miles.

The easiest climbing routes constitute a ClassIV scramble of the prominent buttress of the Southwest Face best accessed from the Island Lake area via the Indian Lakes Basin. Technical climbing routes and difficult mixed ice and rock routes abound on the East Face overlooking the Fremont Glacier and the Northwest Face adjacent to Mount Sacajawea.

Fremont Peak was named after Cpt. John Fremont who believed he had climbed Fremont Peak in 1842, however, subsequent expeditions positively determined Cpt. Fremont to have actually climbed nearby Mount Woodrow Wilson.

Sitting in the center of the vast and remote Wind River Range, Fremont Peak represents a fine climbing challenge in arguably the most beautiful alpine environment in the United States.

Elevation (feet): 13,745
Elevation (meters): 4,190
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Wind River Range
State: Wyoming
Latitude: 43.1167
Longitude: -109.617
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Aug
Year first climbed: 1842
First successful climber(s): John C. Fremont
Nearest major airport: Jackson, WY
Convenient Center: Pinedale, WY

Thanks to Mark W. Feltis for adding this peak.

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  • Log #12567 - by Ben Laster on Nov 07, 2004
    My third time up this amazing mountain. I summited Jackson afterword which is a little more technical of a climb. I left elkhart @ 4:30AM and returned @ 6:00PM. I'm not sure if both of these have...
  • Log #12568 - by Tom McLaughlin on May 18, 2004
    Solo, lot of snow hump in, lot less the way out. Rented snow shoes in Pinedale, useful.
  • Log #12569 - by Matt Loscalzo on Feb 15, 2004
    The approach was fun, and Titcomb basin is one of the prettiest I've seen. In fact, the whole range is incredible. The hike up Fremont was not especially difficult. Although the trail fades away;...
  • Log #12570 - by Joe Anderson on Aug 19, 2003
    My brothers, Mark & Scott, and I left camp at 8:00 near the entrance to Indian Basin and made our way to the saddle. This easy rolling terrain took 1:45 to walk. From the saddle to the top took...
  • Log #12571 - by Jordan Gilbert on Aug 18, 2003
    We started at Elkhart Park and camped at first night in seneca lake. then the next day we went up to indian basin and set up camp. at 2:00 we started up the first part to the saddle at 12,000 feet....
  • Log #12572 - by Jordan Gilbert on Aug 18, 2003
    We started at Elkhart Park and camped at first night in seneca lake. then the next day we went up to indian basin and set up camp. at 2:00 we started up the first part to the saddle at 12,000 feet....
  • Log #12573 - by S Wagner on Aug 14, 2003
    Beautiful summit! Camped in Indian Basin and then scrambled up the southwest scree slopes. Then up the west ridge near the sheer sliffs to the south. Awesome glacier views!! Did it solo, quite the...
  • Log #12574 - by Matt Brewer on May 03, 2002
    Rad climb!!! Headed up from Mistake Lake, definitely worth taking the gullies to the left versus the straight shot marked route. The weather was great, and the glacier views were unreal--next stop...
  • Log #12575 - by Britta Johnson on Feb 28, 2001
    I thought the lactic acid in my thighs and the cold was going to kill me on the way up, but once on the top it was well worth the effort. It was snowing and you could just barely make out the peaks...
  • Log #12576 - by Ron Smith on Oct 06, 2000
    From camp, near the middle lake in Indian Basin, we rambled through talus and small snow fields to the obvious saddle on the south ridge. After stowing extra gear at the saddle, we scrambled up to...
  • Log #12577 - by Lane Thomasson on Aug 15, 2000
    Our NOLS group had hiked over Indian Pass and camped just below Freemont. Early one morning we made the summit and enjoyed our chocolate maltballs along with the spectacular view.
  • Log #12578 - by Scott Wagner on July 24, 2000
    Hiked in the popular Pole Creek Trail to Island Lake, and then proceeded to the junction with Titcomb Basin. Camped near the trail to Indian Pass and the hiked through the Indian Basin to the west...
  • Log #12579 - by Mark W. Feltis on Dec 01, 1999
    I had always wanted to do the southwest slope/Class 3 scramble route up Fremont Peak, and the opportunity came in mid-August 1999. This was a solo backpack trip, but it is not like one is really...