Psiloreitis Trip Report (#12581)

  • Signed By: Tim Perkin
  • Date submitted: August 21, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 16 August 2003

Climbed with my son (aged 13), starting from the Nida plain at first light (6am). The whole trip took about 10 hours, including a half hour unplanned diversion where we got a bit lost at the 2 hour mark. Luckily a Greek shepherd was able to give us directions (in German!). We had some problems with following the intended path, partly due to the poor scale and detail on our map (1:50000), and partly due to the fact that on very rocky terrain this is often the case. This was especially true on the first part where you traverse the side of the hill and then turn right to ascend to the high plain via a number of small valleys. Once corrected by the locals the route was easy to follow. There are a number of different markers including, red blobs of paint, black and yellow arrows, red circles in white boxes, posts and small cairns. The view from the top is fantastic, better than higher alpine peaks that I've climbed. Take plenty of water, if like us, you climb in the summer. We drank 5L between us but could have done with more. This is a rough description of our route. From the Taverna follow the track towards the cave. Turn off at a hairpin just past the chapel where the green painted arrow is. Traverse and gently ascend the side of the mountain. Bear right up the valley and emerge to see high plain. We actually wend too far the left here, but anyway drop down maybe 100m or so and pick up the big 4*4 track and turn right. You may see the word Psiloritis painted in red on a rock with an arrow pointing to the right. At the high plain look for the markers and follow the path up the valley. Emerge on a lower summit, or shoulder and continue perhaps turning left depending on which valley you use. Then continue straight on on easier ground for about another hour to the top.

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