Psiloreitis Trip Report (#12582)

Started walking from the Nidha Plain at 05:30am just before Sunrise. Nice and cool it was. Took my time on the way up the easy to follow marked path, with plenty of stops for Photographs. Easy walking, just a bit hard underfoot. Made Summit at 10:30. There was 4 other walkers at the Summit Chapel. Got talking to 2 of them from Austria who on finding out I was from Scotland said "Ah, you have the whiskey in the sack, ya". Had to dissapoint them, nothing but water. On the way back down, had a good display from Eagels soaring on the thermals round the mountain. The Temp by now was upto 95f at 8000ft. There was still a few snowfields about to play in even in this heat. Hot it was. About 3/4s of the way down I met a local shepherd sitting holding onto a Goat. He asked if I had any water to drink. His eyes lit up when I took the bottle out the rucksack and saw it was still full of Ice(top tip; leave in freezer the day before and it takes a long while to melt). The only English he could speak was Good! Good! The look on his face really made my day. I got back to the Car about 15:00 and got some cool drinks from the Taverna at the carpark. It looks derilict but it is open.

ps Forgot to mention the views from the Top were good to the West looking to The White Mountains but the East was a bit Hazy .

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