Mount Daniel

Mount Daniel Trip Report (#12683)

  • Signed By: John Malnoroy
  • Date submitted: July 30, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 7-21-01

Summited with Tim Salaza in 1 day car to car on our own trail (not a good idea). Did little too no research of the peak just brought a topo map and went to work. At the trail head to hyas lake at 6 am and no sleep from the night before we hike 1 mile and turn left bushwacking our way straight up cathedral rock to meet up with the PCT. From there went around peggys pond and straight up to the peak with no trouble. Coming down was another story, we left towards hyass lake via deception pass; PCT. the trail was going to take us about 5 miles past hyass lake which is where we wanted to be so we bushwacked again but this time it was downhill, not a good idea and the bugs, the ones that sting, were worse then eitehr of us had ever seen at this location before. The worst trip ever but great views and a great mountain

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