Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria Trip Report (#13009)

Great Peak. Lots of snow when we climbed it. Starting trudging threw knee deep snow just above Lake Oesa. All that snow, equaled a much longer time then normal becasue of having to break trail. Abbot Hut is an amazing hut. It be worth the effort just to go up to thier. We attempted Mt Lefroy on the ninth, but backed off due to unstable snow conditions. The next day we woke up nice and early to go down the Death Trap (to Lake Louise) and just as we got going we saw a GRIZZLY BEAR. no joke. The bear had come up from the Lake O'Hara side. It looked at us for a few moments, tried to smell us, but the wind was so strong it must have blown our scent away. So he just started walking down the Death Trap. When we started whooping it up the bear started running and sliding on its bum. I thought for sure this bear was going to fall into a crevasse, but just as he was approaching one he halted to a stop. He kinda looked down it and then started walking parallel to it, right towards us. So we high tailed it back to the Hut, phoned the wardens to let them know a bear was coming down to the Plain of 6 and then just sat and watched it. It actually headed over in the direction of the ledges ??. It was pretty amazing and definetly makes a good beer drinking story. At any rate Mt Victoria is a great climb. The ridge is fantastic, and the views are once again completly amazing.

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