Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria Trip Report (#13010)

  • Signed By: Alan Kane of Calgary, Ab, Canada
  • Date submitted: January 10, 2000

This is a very popular mountaineering climb, done from Abbott Pass via Lake O'Hara. Mt Lefroy, beside it is equally popular ascent up 45 degree snow/ice face from same hut. I did Victoria (and Lefroy) solo, need dry conditions so the narrow summit ridge on Victoria is not avalanche prone. 3 hrs from Abbott hut to top. Can also descend a gully from top down backside to Huber Glacier and do Mt Huber as well, then descend Huber Ledges to Lake O'hahra same day. Big hassle getting to O'Hara due to bus access, quotas, passes, etc though. Also an access route from Lake Louise up to Abbott Pass now too, much longer than O'Hara though.

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