Backbone Mountain

Backbone Mountain Trip Report (#13023)

My family and I decided to take a morning trip to Backbone Mountain during our stay at Deep Creek Lake. We had a hard time finding the trail from the road. In fact, I parked the minivan with my wife and three kids and hiked a quarter mile up the trail until I saw some markers painted on trees. Then I went back down and got the family.

My wife and second daughter made it about half way up and then turned around and went back to the van for lunch. My oldest daughter, Kara (almost 7 at the time) and my son Nicholas (8 months old and on my back) made it all the way to the top with me. We first went to the State marker then continued along the path to the sign marking the highest point in Maryland. We really enjoyed the hike and appreciated the fact that the climb was accessible without being commercial. The hike turned out to be a great "father/daughter" event.

On the way back to Deep Creek Lake, we stopped by the smallest church in the continental US located a few miles from Backbone Mountain in Silver Lake, West Virgina.

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