Bobotov kuk

Elevation (feet): 8,277
Elevation (meters): 2,523
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Range/Region: Dinaric Alps
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Podgorica
Convenient Center: Zabljak

Thanks to Zoran Karic for adding this peak.

Bobotov kuk. This strange name represent the highest mountain peak in the Republic Montenegro, which is the part of Yugoslavia. It is 2523 m height and after the Djeravica in Kosovo it is the highest point in Yugoslavia.

Bobotov kuk is situated in the center of massif of mountain Durmitor. Durmitor is one of the most beautiful National park in the south of Europe.

This remarkable top is surrounded by 48 peaks over the 2000 m height, which belongs to National park.

Mountaineers can climb Bobot from different faces. But you have to know, the last part of acsending is the same, anyway.

The esaiest way to get the top is from ridge Sedlo (1907 m). The good fact is that one can reach Sedlo by car, bacause there is road.

From ridge the pace lead to lake Zeleni vir (Green Whirpool). It is small "pearl" on 2075 m. From there climber must ascend about 400 m

very steep path to ridge between Bobotov kuk and Lucin vrh. The ridge is the point where various waies ascending on Bobot have been met.

From there you need about 30 minutes climbing in full meaning of that word. Be carefull because it is the most dangerous part of ascending.

There is marks, so it makes climbing easy. Recommendation is to follow those marks beacuse they lead you safely stright to the top.

After climbing you can go down in the foot of the mountain in the same way, but it is much more interesting to get down on the other side.

You will see many interesting details of Durmitor.

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #22013 - by J. Vranjes on July 23, 2010
    Climbed from Sedlo pass (1907m) where we came by car, together with my wife and two daughters (7 and 9 years old at that time). From there we went towards Zeleni Vir lake (which was in fact without...
  • Log #20470 - by Bj√∂rn Arkenfall on Nov 04, 2006
    Took the south route up from Saldo. Hiking with some easy rock climbing. A nice trip. We had som bad wheather at start but got to the top in perfect sunny wheather and almost no wind.
  • Log #13117 - by Tarik Kurtovic on Dec 30, 2002
    This peak is beautiful,indeed! Two of my friends and I climbed it on a cloudy, a a little rainy, spring day. As always, never underestimate the mountain!
  • Log #13119 - by Zoran Karic on Jan 16, 2000
    In July, 1998. the members of Mountaineering club "Pobeda" from Belgade, Yugoslavia were preparing for celebrating an anniversary of 50 years existing and climbing the Mont Blanc. That was...