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  • Log #22558 - by Dr George Carman on May 10, 2018

    Not a climb but a bus trip and a geological excursion with Leicester University

  • Log #2012 - by Lars Holme on Nov 17, 2004
    Walked from Etna Sud(Hotel Corsaro) to summit. Lots of snow, walked on a road up to 2900 masl, then on partially snow/lava up to the highest point. Lots of smoke. Eruption ongoing on the flank, and...
  • Log #2017 - by Mikolaj Orzechowski on Mar 10, 2004
    My first three thousand, DURING an eruption. That was amazing. And forbidden :-)
  • Log #2018 - by Dawn M. Harris on Nov 04, 2002
    I live on the SE flank of Etna. There hasn't been a day since I moved here in Feb. that I don't stare at her in amazement. I love this mountain and no matter what eruption it may have, or where for...
  • Log #2019 - by Chandra-Luciano Malorni on Aug 05, 2001
    The way up to the top is not so hard, but it takes its time. We climbed this Europe's highest volcano in january and so up there you felt nearer to Alaska than to Siciliy, the mountain was full of...
  • Log #2020 - by Dave White on Dec 14, 2000
    Neat. Just watch out for the lava flows.
  • Log #2021 - by Luidger Röckrath on May 05, 2000
    Access to the summit area is prohibited due to ongoing activity. If you take the cable railway and the four wheel busses (ITL 70.000) you get to about 2900 m, the site of the torre del filosofo hut....
  • Log #2022 - by Lieve verhulst on Oct 02, 1999
    Pretty mountain, very easy if you want a minibus will take you pretty much right to the top. But if you are in even a slightly good physical condition, walk it it's worth it.
  • Log #2023 - by Ann Bowker on Nov 29, 1998
    see live cam at and my description of our climb at http://www.