Monte Etna

Monte Etna Trip Report (#2021)

Access to the summit area is prohibited due to ongoing activity. If you take the cable railway and the four wheel busses (ITL 70.000) you get to about 2900 m, the site of the torre del filosofo hut. Several meters behind, there is a rope barring the access to the summit area. If you just take the cable railway, you can make a nice walk to the rim of the Valle del Bove. Do not follow the busses, but turn to the right until you reach the rim and then follow the rim until you get to the Valle del Bove Belvedere at about 2750 meters. The views are tremendous. It takes about an hour from the upper station of cable railway. If you walk all the way from the La Sapienza Hut (also starting point of the cable railway), it takes about 2 hours.

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