Mount Retezat

Enormous Masses of icy snow digged huge glaciar holes, the tongues of glaciers flowing down the valley like gigantic rivers and their prints are still to be seen at every step you take. The network of marked tourist path in the Retezat Mountains, relatively dense (about 25 altogether)and well kept, ensure the tourists the acces on routes of different degrees of dificulty to objectives of great tourist interest, including the gratest part of the peaks higher than 2200 meters, was recommended by specialists for watching the total sun eclips on August 11 1999. (Want the whole story, do not hazitate and write me.)

Elevation (feet): 7,710
Elevation (meters): 2,350
Continent: Europe
Country: Romania
Range/Region: Carpathian Mountains
Latitude: 45.2833
Longitude: 22.6667
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: Int. Air. Timisoara
Convenient Center: Hateg, Petrosani, Simeria, Deva