Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is the centre of the small "Mount Longonot National Park". It is a dormant volcano rising 750m above the floor of the Rift Valley.

The most popular excursions at the Park are walks up to and around the crater rim. You should count nearly a full day for this, and it is important to be in good physical condition to attempt this walk. For safety reasons (buffalos!) perhaps it's better to go with a ranger from Wildlife Service (obvious that he wants a tip for his service).

The caldera is circular, over a kilometre in diameter, with steep-sides walls, and you can see some steam jets.

Longonot is famous for some special species of birds and other animals.

The name Longonot originates from the Masaai word Oloonong'ot, meaning "mountain of steep ridges". In fact, the entire perimeter of the extinct crater is characterized by deep ridges.

First walking or by car 4 kms from the small Longonot village to the Park gate, from there you take the path up to Longonot. To reach the lip pf the crater rim, count 1 hr and a half from Park entrance. The path aorund the crater is easy to follow, but in some parts slippery and steep. You should count on a full day for this, and it is important to be in good physical condition to attempt this walk. Sometimes dangerous are the buffalos you can meet in the mre down part of the way. There is no lodging within the national park.

The best is to find lodging in nearby Naivasha, approximately 20 kms north. The only camping facility at the park is the campground, located at the Park's entrance, with water and toilet facilities.

Elevation (feet): 9,111
Elevation (meters): 2,777
Continent: Africa
Country: Kenya
Latitude: -0.915278
Longitude: 36.456944
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
First successful climber(s): probably local hunters
Nearest major airport: Nairobi
Convenient Center: Naivasha

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20576 - by Susie Newman on Jan 05, 2007
    Well when I climed it was VERY hot so it was quite tiring, but once you get to the top it is well worth it. The walk around the crater is good to as you get to see all the views.
  • Log #19005 - by Rebekah Barker on Feb 14, 2006
    A steep clamber up with amazing views from the top. Some fairly scary bits near the edges of the rim. You do need to be fit to get up and I would recommend doing it as early as possible in the...
  • Log #13176 - by Gerry Whitehouse on Mar 05, 2002
    Great view of rift valley.Take along KWS Ranger,(Buffalo,bandits).Good day trip from Nairobi.
  • Log #13177 - by Conan Harrod on Sep 24, 2001
    Excellent Mountain for an easy days walking. Excellent walk around the crater rim before rushing back to Nairobi to catch the 1pm bus to Arusha.
  • Log #13178 - by Brian Woods on Sep 23, 2001
    I was leading a school group from Nairobi School. The mountain is covered with dense rainforest, fumeroles were steaming from rocks at the base. It didn't take long to climb to the crater edge - a...