Mount Evans

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Mount Evans is a dominant mountain in the Front Range skyline, west of Denver. It is the higher of two Colorado fourteeners whose summits are accessible by road to motorized traffic. The other is Pikes Peak, west of Colorado Springs.

Elevation (feet): 14,264
Elevation (meters): 4,350
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Front Range
State: Colorado
Latitude: 39.5886
Longitude: -105.643
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Denver, Colorado
Convenient Center: Denver, Colorado


Trip Reports

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  • Log #20991 - by Joern Unnerup on Aug 30, 2007
    We ascended Mt. Evans from Guanella Pass via Mt. Bierstadt and The Sawtooth and decended to the pass via Westridge and Scott Gomer Creek. The accend was good and weel marked.
  • Log #20763 - by Pete Buckley on May 01, 2007
    I'd made the ascent from Summit Lake avoiding the road as much as possible, the weather forecast not allowing for a full day's hike from Echo Lake which I would have preferred. The road itself...
  • Log #20461 - by Mark Stone on Oct 29, 2006
    It was my first climb. As a East Coast flatlander, I was pretty winded by the time I finished, but I did finish--not bad for 49 yr desk jockey
  • Log #2086 - by Ken Whittenburg on Nov 01, 2004
    2nd time summitting- this time via the Sawtooth Ridge from Beirstadt. The Sawtooth was actually quite easy- much easier than Bierstadt's SE ridge. But we made an effort to stay on the top of the...
  • Log #2090 - by Eric & Susan Penney on Nov 01, 2004
    We where quite taken with the view at the top. We enjoyed the mountain goats hanging around the parking area. We would like return sometime when the wind is not as strong as it was.
  • Log #2093 - by Ken Whittenburg on Nov 01, 2004
    My first fourteener. I climbed it by myself via the Guanella Pass trailhead. "Trailhead" should be used very loosely as there was none through the infamous Scott Gomer willows! I bushwacked...
  • Log #2028 - by William Loopesko on Oct 15, 2004
    Climbed it through the gully from guanella pass. the gully is very steep. The west ridge is very long but its fun. Nice views from the top.
  • Log #2029 - by Karen on Aug 06, 2004
    Started at Guanella pass- 3rd time I've been on the start of this trail, but the 1st time I've had to get off of it and bushwhack/marshstomp- crazy stuff! We fell for the false summit attached to the...
  • Log #2030 - by Michael Hoffmann on July 31, 2004
    Temp was 39 F. at around 10:30 am. Beautiful country! Want to go back again soon. Watch your step! :>)
  • Log #2031 - by Christina on June 05, 2004
    My husband and I moved to Colorado from Florida three months prior and felt it was time to tackle a 14er. We bought Roach's book and looked for something easy, but fullfilling. At first we considered...
  • Log #2032 - by Dan Bowers & Peter C. Key on June 04, 2004
    Climbed in the snow from Guanella Pass. Snow shoes a must beyond the bridges!
  • Log #2033 - by Brian Jenkins on Mar 05, 2004
    slept at lake, up NE face in morning, hit Spalding and Warren on descent. Lots of goats.
  • Log #2034 - by nathan hahs on Dec 24, 2003
    My girlfriend and I completed our first summit this month. We wanted a peak close to where we live and a route that was supposed to be easy. After some research, both in books and online, we settled...
  • Log #2035 - by Brian Flynn on Nov 30, 2003
    A great way to build up endurance. It is a new law that you must stop at Summit Lake. Violators will be systematically hunted and flogged.
  • Log #2036 - by Garry Myers on Nov 06, 2003
    Drove up both times. Did not want to leave after viewing the scenery. I am claiming the unofficial record for the highest altitude in North America that a Oldsmobile 4.3L V6 diesel has reached.
  • Log #2037 - by Marcel on Sep 10, 2003
    Climbed road to the summit. A snowstorm came in while we were having lunch at the summit. Lots of sheep. Descended very quickly down NE face.
  • Log #2038 - by Jim Jordahl on Aug 19, 2003
    Summited with 2 other friends from Minnesota. Slogged up the road, broke off after Summit Lake, and climbed up the slopes to the summit. A weird experience to climb this mountain. Had just climbed in...
  • Log #2039 - by Robin Turner on July 07, 2003
    Picked my way up the Northeast face from Summit Lake an hour after getting off the plane from Minnesota. Got some surprised looks from the car people, but it was a nice way to start the hiking...
  • Log #2040 - by Richard Sorensen on June 29, 2003
    It was hard to enjoy the entire drive because we had to be on the lookout for bicycles around every turn. But it was beautiful and I wish we could have seen some wildlife.
  • Log #2041 - by Scott Thompson on June 04, 2003
    drove up to the two lakes, parked and preceded to climb up the rocks to the top..after about two hours i looked out over the mountain to see a much more convenient walking path and a fair number of...
  • Log #2042 - by Deborah Fronsdahl on June 03, 2003
    Also attempted first-ever winter ascent 28 December 2002; had to turn back at Summit Lake due to approaching nightfall. Couldn't believe snowshoes were required for only about half a mile of the...
  • Log #2043 - by Robert B. Corson Jr on Nov 12, 2002
    It was a great experience,
  • Log #2044 - by Trish Conlon on Sep 24, 2002
    Thanks to Bruce Pease for saving the day and taking our picture after running out of film. Thanks for sending the picture too!! This was number 5, but the sawtooth was a little extreme.
  • Log #2045 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Sep 23, 2002
    West ridge via Sawtooth and Mt. Bierstadt. A fabulous, sunny late summer day.
  • Log #2046 - by Charles Lankford on Sep 13, 2002
    Climbed (hiked really) the West Ridge route via Mt. Spalding from Summit Lake with Matt Tedder. From the summit we then hiked back down the east face along the road (a mistake). This was the first...
  • Log #2047 - by Melissa Schuknecht on Sep 12, 2002
    Mentally prepare yourself to see people in jeans and sweatpants and fat little poodles at the top. The tourist do take away from the splendor or it all, but try to ignore them and know that while...
  • Log #2048 - by Ryan Badtke on Sep 11, 2002
    Climbed Bierstadt and Evans via the SAWTOOTH!!! What a sweet climb until you meet all the "out of staters" that claimed that they just climbed a 14er, even though they drove up 14,200 ft....
  • Log #2049 - by Patty Mayott on Sep 08, 2002
    Our plan was to start out at Guanella Pass, climb Bierstad, hike over to Mt. Evans via the Sawtooth and then make a loop back to Guanella Pass. Turned out this was a bit more than I could handle and...
  • Log #2050 - by Daniel Fortun on Sep 04, 2002
    Long hike over from Bierstad. Sawtooth is certainly worth it!!
  • Log #2051 - by Vaso Bjegovich on Sep 02, 2002
    Just did the top part. Was very steep. Great view.
  • Log #2052 - by Julie Thwaits on Aug 05, 2002
    I decided to climb Bierstadt and Evans using route 3.19 of Roach's guidebook. Parking below the switchbacks of the Mt. Evans road, I descended down to the saddle and then south down some loose scree.
  • Log #2053 - by Wayne Bart on July 23, 2002
    This is one of the most disappointing peaks, there were TONS of people there, and aside from the breathtaking views, it was pretty anti-climatic
  • Log #2054 - by Charles Liu on July 18, 2002
    Came up from Guanella Pass via Bierstadt and the Sawtooth Ridge. The Sawtooth wasn't as bad as I heard, but the ridge to Evans from the Sawtooth was long and wore me out. It was really hazy and smoky...
  • Log #2055 - by Andrew Huttner on June 08, 2002
    Climbed the easy ridge from Summit Lake. Road was closed above Summit Lake due to recent snow. Road down from summit was clear by the time I decended. Reached summit at 6:15pm local time.
  • Log #2056 - by John Doryk on June 03, 2002
    Did Evans,Spaldings via east ridge.Was originally going to snow/ice climb via sunrise couloir but, unlike last year(which was great snow climbing this time of year) the couloir was half gone and...
  • Log #2057 - by Patrick E. Geraghty on June 02, 2002
    Is this the highest paved or gravel road in the continental USA?
  • Log #2060 - by Rich Wendling on Feb 15, 2002
    Very crowded on the top.
  • Log #2061 - by michael nunn on Jan 21, 2002
    It is a great way to get a good view. hiked to the top while I was passing through to see panic at red rocks.
  • Log #2062 - by Paul Turnbow on Jan 03, 2002
    I am returning to CO in Spring of 2003 for good. I've missed it that last 5 years. 6 down, 48 to go!
  • Log #2063 - by Michael Jake on Oct 26, 2001
    Started at Guanella Pass. Hiked through the marshy, scrub oak meadow NE and then up the coulior just NW of the Sawtooth Ridge, then along the ridge line all the way to the summit of Evans. Nice day...
  • Log #2064 - by Kevin Koski on Sep 13, 2001
    A fun mountain close to home!
  • Log #2065 - by Aaron Batte on Aug 26, 2001
    I have to admit I was a little weary about these summits (Evans & Bierstadt), being so close to the Front Range, they are of course very popular with day climbers. And, even worse Evans has a road...
  • Log #2066 - by leopaik on July 22, 2001
    the three buttresses in the summit lake cirque offer some terrific, easy to access granite. The 3rd apron on the left most of the rock buttress has a "3 pitch 5.9" according to the Hubbel...
  • Log #2067 - by Joe on July 16, 2001
    I summited Mt Spalding and Mt Evans via the Summit Ridge Route in about 1 1/2 hours. I found this route VERY easy with next to no route finding. The route was a sustained Class 1/ Class 2 the entire...
  • Log #2068 - by Cory Lampert on July 15, 2001
    Was atop this peak last year with with my Mom about 5 months before she passed away. Came up again this year to let the mountains work their magic on a sad but beautiful day.
  • Log #2069 - by Christopher Dorry on July 01, 2001
    This climb was completed with Shawn Dorry (my brother) and was my 9th 14er climbed. We started from Guenalla pass and bushwacked our way through the willows (almost 2 hours), to the steep gully, and...
  • Log #2070 - by Geralyn Montambault on Feb 01, 2001
    We did not climb Mt Evens, However, I feel as if we did! My now husband took me up to the top of the world (Mt. Evans) along with a bottle of wine, sat me atop a rock and proposed to me. To this day...
  • Log #2071 - by Bill Johnson on Jan 04, 2001
    Climbed from Summit Lake up to Mt. Spalding along the saddle and the high ridge to the top of Mt. Evans. Great climb. Did it with my two climbing partners, Steve Good of Dayton Ohio, and Don Stamp of...
  • Log #2072 - by Shawn Voigts on Dec 16, 2000
    14er #3
  • Log #2073 - by Pelle Gangeskar on Nov 23, 2000
    Easy walk.
  • Log #2074 - by Matt Kirk on Nov 03, 2000
    Greetings 14er climbers and enthusiasts. I just wanted to let everyone know that there should be a 14ers forum coming soon at If you have the time, please come by and...
  • Log #2075 - by Kingery and Laura Clingenpeel on Aug 08, 2000
    We had a perfect climbing day - and did the climb to celebrate our 25th anniversary!
  • Log #2076 - by Paul D. Worley on Aug 07, 2000
    I am the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 735 in Gamber, MD. We chose Mount Evans for this year's High Adventure Trip in part because I had climbed Mount Bierstadt as a scout back in 1968. In all we...
  • Log #2077 - by Jon Bradford on July 05, 2000
    climbed in 3 hours from summit lake along the summit ridge route (via mt. spalding). made it up between thunderstorms. nice climb with no one else around.
  • Log #2078 - by Bill Buntrock on May 17, 2000
    Number 4
  • Log #2079 - by Andreas Trawny on May 04, 2000
    Thin air up there !
  • Log #2080 - by Sean Reed on Apr 16, 2000
    A very nice, short climb. Not too hard at all. Great views of the front range. #10
  • Log #2081 - by Kevin on Feb 06, 2000
    Good climb, a little hairy on the summit ridge with just me and the mountain goats. Beautiful day to climb a mountain, I came from Guanella Pass. Great views, but still a little weird to see a road...
  • Log #2082 - by Gandalf on Feb 05, 2000
    Summited this peak when I was 4 years old in a rental car. Seems like a crime now.
  • Log #2083 - by Ken Hege on Nov 28, 1999
    This ia a great summer ski Mountain. Drive to the top and ski down to Summit Lake.
  • Log #2084 - by Craig Ayler on Oct 31, 1999
    In Aug. 1984 I climbed it from Guanella Pass. With the exception of the storm, it was a Great Day. In June 1998 I took my son, Steven (then 7yrs old) up for his first 14'r via Summit Lake. He did...
  • Log #2085 - by Dan Mottinger on Sep 14, 1999
    Did with Bierstadt via Sawtooth from Abyss lake trail. Snow conditions.
  • Log #2087 - by Mike Head on Aug 26, 1999
    This was the second time I've climbed this mountain. Both times were from Mount Bierstadt, accross the Sawtooth ridge & onto the summit of Mount Evans. This is a great hike, with lots of cool...
  • Log #2088 - by Jeff Springer on Aug 18, 1999
    summitted both bierstadt and evans via the sawtooth ridge. kinda of sketchy due to exposure.
  • Log #2089 - by Mick Horkan on Aug 10, 1999
    I enjoyed my trip to the top of Mount Evans in July 99 with my wife Lyn and son Duane and our cousins Pat and Nita Horkan of Arvada Colorado who were great guides.
  • Log #2091 - by adam cooper on June 13, 1999
    I started through the willows on the other side of beirstat. It was a nice climb, though an early start is a good idea as it seems to always get bad around noon. Weather aside, it was not a bad climb...
  • Log #2092 - by Mick Wenzbauer on June 08, 1999
    Easy hike from Summit Lake, only about an hour. Fun climbing up this way. Lots of mountain goats and a great view of Grays and Torreys Peaks, could also see Longs Peak. Road was in excellent...
  • Log #2094 - by Thomas Tock on May 23, 1999
    I was struck by ball lighting once we reached the top having climbed up the face of Mount Evans
  • Log #2095 - by Jim Mallory on Feb 07, 1999
    I had attempted this peak about three weeks earlier. I had climbed Mt. Bierstadt and crossed over the Sawtooth Ridge, but descended before reaching the summit due to ominous looking storm clouds. I...
  • Log #2096 - by Zac Tims on Nov 25, 1998
    My dad and I, driving up from my home state of Texas to Maine, to visit my mom, we took the Colorado route! We drove up the Mt. Evans drive. It was so beautiful up there. The night before we had...
  • Log #2097 - by marc carroll smith on Oct 05, 1998
    we climbed over mt. bierstadt and down and up the knife edge to the summit of mt evans. my wife (the little mountain goat) and i tried not to look at all the autos on top of evans. it is an ignoble...