Mount Everest

Mount Everest
Photo by Philippe Noth, all rights reserved.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its elevation of 29,035 feet (8,850 meters) was determined using GPS satellite equipment on May 5, 1999. It was previously believed to be slightly lower (29,028 feet /8,848 meters), as determined in 1954 by averaging measurements from various sites around the mountain. The new elevation has been confirmed by the National Geographic Society.

The first seven attempts on Everest, starting with a reconnaissance in 1921, approached the mountain from Tibet, where a route to the summit via the North Col and North Ridge seemed possible. All were unsuccessful. George Mallory, who spearheaded the first three expeditions, lost his life with Andrew Irvine during a failed ascent in 1924.

Unsuccessful attempts continued through 1938, then halted during World War II. By the war's end, Tibet had closed its borders, and Nepal, previously inaccessible, had done the opposite.

Starting in 1951, expeditions from Nepal grew closer and closer to the summit, via the Khumbu Icefall, the Western Cwm, over the Geneva Spur to the South Col, and up the Southeast Ridge. In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit. Since the first successful ascent, many other individuals have sought to be the first at various other accomplishments on Everest, including many alternative routes on both the north and south sides.

Italy's Reinhold Messner has climbed Everest twice without oxygen, once in four days. He is also the first to solo climb Everest, which he did in 1980. Ten years earlier, Yuichiro Miura of Japan had been the first person to descend the mountain on skis. In 1975, Junko Tabei, also of Japan, was the first woman to climb Everest. The first disabled person to attempt Everest was American Tom Whittaker, who climbed with a prosthetic leg to 24,000 feet in 1989, 28,000 feet in 1995, and finally reached the summit in 1998. The first blind man to reach the summit was Erik Weihenmayer in 2001. The record for most ascents belongs to Sherpa Ang Rita, who has reached the summit ten times.

Overall, more than 600 climbers from 20 countries have climbed to the summit by various routes from both north and south. Climbers' ages have ranged from nineteen years to sixty. At least 100 people have perished, most commonly by avalanches, falls in crevasses, cold, or the effects of thin air.

Climbing on Everest is strictly regulated by both the Nepalese and Chinese governments. Permits cost thousands of U.S. dollars ($50,000 for a seven member party in 1996), and are difficult to obtain, and waiting lists extend for years. Treks to Everest base camp, minus the summit attempt, are becoming increasingly popular on both the north and south sides of the mountain. On the north side, a Buddhist monastery stands at the foot of the Rongbuk Glacier, beneath Everest's spectacular north face. The monastery is one of two whose locations were selected specifically to allow religious contemplation of the great peak. The other is the Thyangboche Monastery in Nepal. The once-active Rongbuk monastery in Tibet has required much rejuvenation from the destruction it experienced following China's invasion of Tibet.

Mount Everest is also known by the Tibetan name Chomolangma (Goddess Mother of the Snows), and by the Nepali name Sagarmatha (Mother of the Universe).

Elevation (feet): 29,035
Elevation (meters): 8,850
Continent: Asia
Country: Nepal/China
Range/Region: Central Nepal Himalaya
Latitude: 27.9881
Longitude: 86.9253
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Apr, May
Year first climbed: 1953
First successful climber(s): Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay
Nearest major airport: Kathmandu, Nepal
Convenient Center: Namche Bazar, Nepal

Trip Reports

There are 43 trip reports for Mount Everest.

  • Log #20813 - by Robert De Vries on June 06, 20073.00 stars
    Technically not the hardest climb, but physically very heavy. Emotional experience on top. Now I can say: "Been there, done that" Robert de Vries (12th Dutch summiteer ever)
  • Log #2099 - by Jeffrey J. Justman on Oct 31, 20044.19 stars
    Definitely the highlight of my climbing/guiding career. The big E gets a lot of slack because it is sooo popular in today's climbing age but after attempting several other 8000'ers, Everest stands...
  • Log #2100 - by Stuart chamberlayne on Oct 15, 20042.26 stars
    it was my dream since i was 14. i am now 27.never give up on your dream, and believe you can do it.please ask me for any advice and tips.
  • Log #2101 - by Craig Van Hoy on Sep 29, 20044.19 stars
    I was finally able to summit Mount Everest via the South Col route this past spring. It had always been my hopes to attain the summit without using additional oxygen but with a family, my age and two...
  • Log #2102 - by Daniel Bacarreza on Sep 07, 20043.00 stars
    i climbed mount everst with my buddies,john paustian,tomas bacarreza,wesley keracik,chris smith.we took 1 month on plannig and deciding and actually doing the was bloddy cold abd hard but we...
  • Log #2103 - by Maxime Jean on Sep 05, 20043.00 stars
    Nice weather with fantastic view. South East ridge.
  • Log #2104 - by Dave Watson on Aug 31, 20043.00 stars
    North Ridge- above 8300m, very pleasent moderate mixed climbing. Fun Route
  • Log #2106 - by Felix Berg on July 10, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed Chomolungma from Tibet via Northridge. You can find more information on my homepage (mostly in German) visit our offers ( or contact me.
  • Log #2107 - by Dan Lochner on May 28, 20043.00 stars
    Everest very much involves patience and humility. Get properly acclimatized, stay healthy and be prepared to wait for a summit window. The time will come, just be ready.
  • Log #2108 - by Rick O'Bryan on Jan 23, 20043.00 stars
    The entire Everest experience is what makes it incredible: The quiet times, the hard work, the weather extremes, the friendships, camaraderie, and the Sherpa culture. Summiting was just the icing on...
  • Log #2109 - by jangbu sherpa on Sep 06, 20034.19 stars
    I have lorn so moch after i summited Mt.Everest five times now i live in united state of colorado springs colorado currently working @ Adubon medical campus as a office manager i stil would like to...
  • Log #2110 - by Ben Clark on Sep 03, 20034.19 stars
    Watch out for crowds. Start early and unfortunately due to the crowds do not leave any items unattended. I cached my Ice axe just below the Second Step only to find that it was stolen by a member of...
  • Log #2111 - by Frederick Ziel on Aug 17, 20033.00 stars
    Getting down is "not optional". Thank you Robert, David, and Pasang for making the "not optional", possible.
  • Log #2112 - by Zeddy Al-Refai on July 29, 20033.00 stars
    I'm very proud to be the First Arab to summit the mighty Everest
  • Log #2114 - by Jake Norton on July 07, 20033.00 stars
    Hi, I recently logged my second summit of Everest, this time via the Northeast Ridge in Tibet. Please visit my website - - to see some images!
  • Log #2117 - by Peter M. Burgess on June 03, 20033.00 stars
    A great 50th anniversary hello to anyone who has entered into the Golden Jubilee celebrations for the ascent of Everest. Ad altiora!
  • Log #2118 - by Dayita Bira Datta on May 27, 20032.74 stars
    I am a school teacher with an interest in reading about climbing and exploration. I logged on to your site about Everest facts, and I found a wrong one. You attribute the first female ascent to Lydia...
  • Log #2119 - by Gónter on May 06, 20033.00 stars
    Oben, war das irgendwie ein cooles Gefóhl, aber das Ganze war hart!!!!!!
  • Log #2120 - by Ben Clowes on Mar 30, 20033.00 stars
    My brother Tom and I hope to become the first British brothers to summit Everest together. We leave for Tibet in March 2004, and will be climbing the North Ridge route. For more info, see our website.
  • Log #2121 - by Ryan Thornell on Jan 13, 20033.00 stars
    It was a long haul for me and Brandon. I almost lost him. Make sure you stay positive and know what you are doing. PEACE
  • Log #2122 - by Jake Norton on Oct 28, 20023.00 stars
    Climber and photographer for the 1999 & 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expeditions and official photographer for Discovery in their coverage of the 2002 American Women's "No...
  • Log #2123 - by Nima Norbu Sherpa on Oct 04, 20023.71 stars
    I climb Mount Everest in 1976 with the American Bicentinial Expedition, and that short documentry film about on CBS TV. After all that it hase been lost again. Summiters:- Bob Cormac, Rich...
  • Log #2124 - by Jordi Pujol Soley on Aug 16, 20023.00 stars
  • Log #2125 - by Damian Benegas on May 10, 20023.00 stars
    I summited on 99 and 2001 by the south side and now I am going for my 3rd summit spring 2002! If interested for information, feel free to contact us! Willie and Damian Benegas
  • Log #2126 - by Ang Karma Sherpa on Apr 14, 20024.19 stars
    The climb was attempt at the height of monsoon and over coming soft snow near the summit was a huge effort.. This was the first successful ascent for the catalonians and first for the Nepalese from...
  • Log #2127 - by jean marc Porte on Feb 12, 20023.00 stars
    It was a good day to surf down the norton couloir !
  • Log #2128 - by Mike Otis on Jan 14, 20023.00 stars
    First summit of the season. Ascended the North side (from Tibet) unguided. What a fantastic adventure supported by a great crew. Fortunate first attempt summit.
  • Log #2129 - by Alan Arnette on Dec 23, 20013.00 stars
    I will be attempting to summit Everest in 2002. Please visit my web site at to follow my preparations and for updates during the climb.
  • Log #2130 - by Francois Langlois on Sep 30, 20013.00 stars
    It was everything I dreamed it would be, and much more! Don't give up on your dreams; and you will see that success is not necessarily in achieving the goal, but in following the road that takes...
  • Log #2131 - by Deryl Kelly on Aug 15, 20013.00 stars
    Youngest Canadian in history to Summit.
  • Log #2132 - by Kieron MacKenzie on Aug 12, 20013.00 stars
    Second attempt from the north ridge, part of a Himalayan Experience group. Weather was near perfect, views everthing I had hope they would be.
  • Log #2133 - by Jaime Vinals on June 20, 20013.71 stars
    Climbing everest I have finished the Seven summits, it was hard and wonderful at the same time. I summited it together with Andy Lakpass from U.S.A. and Asmus Norrelest from Denmark. We...
  • Log #2134 - by Duncan Charles Chessell on June 03, 20013.00 stars
    N Ridge is easy but dangerous. Take 2 pieces of 40m rope to fix extra down ropes if a lot of people are summitting same day as the first and second step are real bottle necks on the way down....
  • Log #2136 - by Bear Grylls on May 02, 20013.71 stars
    "Despite all that's said, we never 'conquered' Everest. Noone ever does. It is what makes the mountain so special. We reached the top by grace, by luck and by the skin of our teeth.
  • Log #2137 - by JACK BINARDI on Mar 25, 20014.19 stars
    Climbed the South East Ridge route with 5 other team members. Forced to turn back at 28,461 feet due to time restraint. Storm came in on descent and 28 year old lady from Canada died. Affected us all...
  • Log #21582 - by Robert de Vries on Jan 21, 20092.26 stars
    My second summit of the 7. Only 1 attempt needed for succes.
  • Log #21506 - by Frederick Ziel on Nov 05, 20082.74 stars
    Finally a summit of the "classic" north ridge route after an unsuccessful try in 2005
  • Log #21684 - by Vik Sahney on June 01, 20092.74 stars
    Route - South Col Summited on May 19, 2009 at 10:30am Climbed with
  • Log #20413 - by Tom Clowes on Oct 02, 20063.00 stars
    Very cold climbing from the South Col. Estimate -55 or -60 degrees. I suffered frostbitten finger tips after taking glove off to chip ice off my oxygen mask. My brother suffered frostbitten toes and...
  • Log #20738 - by Mario Dutil on Apr 09, 20073.22 stars
    J'ai atteinds le sommet du Mt Everest le 16 mai 2004 à 08:29 am, en compagnie de mes deux compagnons de cordée, Maxime Jean et Claude St-Hilaire. L'Everest est une très belle montagne, mais peu...
  • Log #21054 - by Philippe Gatta on Oct 05, 20073.00 stars
    We reached the top of Mt Everest on May 24th, 2007 at 5:45 am. Story and pictures on my web site.
  • Log #22151 - by cleo weidlich on Mar 23, 20112.26 stars
    Beautiful mountain and great views. Too many people...Too commercial!!!
  • Log #22187 - by Kyeung on May 31, 20112.26 stars
    This mountain is a amazing mountain. The beauty and the peaceful mountain ridges are worth the cost. Some days are selom but some days are very Good.