Elevation (feet): 8,714
Elevation (meters): 2,656
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Range/Region: Dinaric Alps
Latitude: 42.5333
Longitude: 20.1333
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Pristina
Convenient Center: Visoki Decani or Pec

Thanks to Zoran Karic for adding this peak.

DJERAVICA, is one of the most remarkable peaks in mountain massif Prokletije. This massif is spread in area between Serbia, Albania and Montenegro, on Balkan peninsula in the south of Europe. Actually, Djeravica (some people call it Djerovica) is the highest point in Yugoslavia. It is situated on the border between Yugoslavia and Republic of Albania. So, on one side there is Yugoslavia and the other side belongs to Albania. It means you can visit two countries. The height you will feel on that peak is exactly 2656 m, and it is not too hard to get it. You do not need to use some special climbing gear, except if you want to get top in winter condition. In summer, you need only good boots, and ordinary mountaineering equipment. For sure, recommendation is to go there in Jun, July and August. The first of all, if you want to ascend this top, is to reach the foot of the mountain. If you ask me, it is rather difficult then climbing. You must visit the small city which name is Visoki Decani. It is in the Kosovo, province of Yugoslavia. There you can get information about getting the Serbian monastery Decani. You cannot miss it. It is very old, famous Serbian church, built in middle century. From monastery the road is bad, but still you are able to reach the small electrical plant - Koznjar. There, you leave your vehicle and take backpack, and now you are ready to go straight into adventure. You will follow the river or stream, which depends on how much water is there. The river is called "Kosovska Bistrica". You need about two hours, and you will see a valley - Ropski pesak. I can freely claim- it is valley from dreams. In the center there is cold and clean river, the green grass and everything is surrounded by wood and mountaintops. You can pick your camp there, because you have everything you need. But if you are fit and have a good strength, than you could go further. The top, which we are interested in, is on the left, but it is too difficult to explain the way. You must have a map, especially because there is no marks. Also you won't see mountaineers at all. But if you posses good map there is no problem. Finally, I must warn you. Probably, you've heard about the war, which was in that area last year! So you must be careful because maybe, you could have some problems. Perhaps, some non-exploded bombs, mines and missiles could appear. It is small possibility about that, but the wonder is happened, isn't it? There are International forces - KFOR, which are trying to keep the peace. But honestly I don't know how much they can protect you nowadays. As always in mountaineering everything is on you. Of course, there is a peace now, but nobody can assure you about your safety.

Thanks to Zoran Karic for this description.