Mount Albert Edward

Mount Albert Edward Trip Report (#13299)

  • Signed By: Les & PK
  • Date submitted: September 29, 2003

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Weather 9/10 (hot, hot, hot!)

Trail ... some very tricky sections of vertical that challenge the faint of heart and those with either a fear of heights or leg problems. Hikers should be aware of this before they start.

Mosquitos 1/10 as they were so plentiful they needed their own air traffic controllers.

Disconcerting were the dogs running free with their owners indifferent or openly contemptious of the requirements for leashes and the space of other hikers who may not want a dog, friendly as it might be, rushing up to them on a slippery slope or shaking itself off after running through a puddle. One more human abuse of mother nature's domain. Pity.

Recommendation: go after the first mountain frost to avoid the bugs.

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