Elevation (feet): 6,952
Elevation (meters): 2,119
Continent: Europe
Country: Austria
Latitude: 46.65
Longitude: 13.4
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
First successful climber(s): unknown shepherd
Nearest major airport: Klagenfurt
Convenient Center: Hermagor

Thanks to Andreas Fink for adding this peak.

Conical mountain, rising northeast of Hermagor (602m), the main-town of the middle Gail-valley. Very nice view, down to the lakes "Pressegger See" and "Weissensee", to all the mountains of Carinthia and to the Julian Alps and Dolmites. To climb Spitzegel go to the village Obervellach, 2 km east of Hermagor, or to Radnig (722), 2 km north of Hermagor. From Obervellach (604m) it is 1500 meters to the top. Follow the signed trail leading up through shady woods and partly on a road to the "Obervellacher Alm" (1680m), then go east up to the ridge, which you follow to the summit. The last 60 meters to the top are easy rock-climbing. To descend on a different route you can follow the east-ridge, leading to the "Vellacher Egel" (routes described there). From Radnig first use the trail going up north to the "Radniger Alm" (1555m), then go east to the "Obervellacher Alm", where you meet the route described before. If you come from the Drau-valley and want to climb Spitzegel from the north, go (by car) to the village Weissenbach near the east-end of the lake Weissen-see. From there it is 2,3 km west to the "Fischer Alm" (1081m) and 3 km more to the "Hermagorer Bodenalm" (1231m). About 400 meters east of the "Hermagorer Bodenalm" go up the trail south to the "Radniger Alm" (1555m) where you meet the signed trail from Radnig to the Spitzegel. From the "Fischer Alm" you have to follow a signed, but very steep hunters-track, that leads up southeast to the saddle (2010m) between the mountains Vellacher Egel (2108m) and Spitzegel. From the saddle the trail goes west, up to the east-summit Egelnock (2100m) and over a rocky ridge to the summit.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #13390 - by Gerhard Stanz on June 27, 2004
    Ich habe den Berg gemeinsam mit Barbara Franz bestiegen. Leider war es ein regnerischer Tag mit wenig Aussicht, auch der Fels war nicht immer trocken. Wir sind dann das Grat in Richtung Vellacher...
  • Log #13391 - by rocco bouwman on June 24, 2002
    We entered our names (Wendy Hogervorst and Rocco Bouwman) in the guestbook of the vellacher alm, but we forgot to put our names in the guestbook on the top of the spitzegel. I can't remember if there...
  • Log #13392 - by Andreas Fink on Jan 30, 2000
    From August 1st 1981 to December 26th 1999 I summited Spitzegel 342 times (72 of these were winter climbs during the months December to March). I did the first climbs of the routes "Direttissima-West...